With just a few drops of perfume the place changes, it opens itself to new intense sensations: this is thanks to our diffusers, that unite traditions and modern technology.


Himalaya offers a whole line dedicated to ultrasound diffusers.

The 7 types that are offered (Crystal, Prisma, Bamboo, Air, Glass, Nice e Time) are different in size and materials, but they all humidify the air, spreading fragrances without combustion. This way the essential oils keep all their properties, granting unpaired wellness and relax. All the diffuser offer a relaxing program of chromotherapy, except of Bamboo that offers a warm yellow light.

Every place will be furnished with style thanks to this furnishing accessories, unique in their field.

Crystal Verde.png
Crystal Blu.png
Prisma Verde.png
Prisma Blu.png
Diffusore ultrasuoni Bamboo
Diffusore ultrasuoni Air
Diffusore ultrasuoni Glass
Diffusore ultrasuoni Time


Yala and Zandra are cold diffusers/nebulizers: they don’t require water and the essential oil are used without being diluted.

They don’t create vapor but they only diffuse the perfume.
The applied principle is the one of cold nebulization, thanks to which essential oil keep all their qualities and active ingredients intact.
 A small pump, inside the wooden base, fragments the drops of essential oils in minuscule particles, spreading them in the air.
They are ideals for whom is searching for a wellness program through the use of essential oil that doesn’t influences the humidity level of the air, they allow the concentrated and immediate diffusions of the oils and their properties.
 It’s the techniques that aromatherapy purists love!


Shapes, lights and colours are fused with new olfactory experiences. A traditional design is united with these special ceramics that are cooked at 1300° in traditional wood-burning ovens: this is how our Gres Diffusers are born.

Sturdy articles that guarantee a good performance over time. According to our sustainable vision of all our products, these diffusers are certified lead and heavy metals free. The process is completely hand crafted, and each object has unique chromatic and tactile characteristics.

Diffusore gres Stufa
Diffusore gres Serenity

Light the flame underneath the base of the Flame diffusers and you will witness a stunning play of lights, colours and fragrances. The flame is also the special element that characterize their productions: they are indeed completely handcrafted, by cooking the ceramic at 1300° degrees in traditional wood-burning ovens.
Their beauty is natural and sustainable, according to the philosophy that characterise all Himalaya’s products: Flame diffusers are certified lead and heavy metal free.

Diffusore gres Flame B
Flame B
Diffusore gres Flame A
Flame A


Aesthetic lines created to harmonize your insides and to diffuse delicate fragrances. These diffusers are hand made by expert artisans in Auroville.

Objects that are cooked longer in order to obtain a more intense colour and a better sturdiness: this is the way in which a very particular terracotta is created, with a slim and antique charm.

Diffusore terracotta Lhasa
Diffusore terracotta Fuji
Diffusore terracotta Bali