From the Ayurvedic tradition, a range of products that make beauty unique and shiny.

Henna, Kajal and toothpastes of the line are the ideal solution for those looking for natural remedies that give optimal results, now considered a worldwide success for Himalaya.


Henna Colors henné 100 g

Henna is born from an antique plant, called Lawsonia Inermis, know already by the ancient Egyptians and that became in India a tool of exceptional beauty.
Its dust, obtained from the leaves of dried branches, has many cosmetic uses. Himalaya retrieves this ancient tradition for today's beauty.

Henna makes hairs healthier and beautiful: it’s sebum-regulator and it is an excellent remedy for dandruff or oily hair. It’s also suggested for those that want to cover grey or white hairs.

Henna line has created exclusive colours by adding to Lawsonia other completely natural herbs: a wide gradient of tones that goes from black to mahogany red and from brown to blonde, without forgetting the neutral, to reinforce without adding colour.

Himalaya Henna Colors Natural Copper

Himalaya Henna Colors Blonde

Himalaya Henna Colors Intense Red

Himalaya Henna Colors Neutral

Himalaya Henna Colors Mahogany Red

Himalaya Henna Colors Chestnut Brown

Himalaya Henna Colors Dark Brown

Himalaya Henna Colors Black

Henna Colors henné 100 g espositore
Henna Colors henné polvere 500 g


Eyeyurvedic Kajal pencil, thanks to its composition containing clarified butter, lanolin and vegetal oils, is incredibly soft, durable and tolerable.

A big worldwide success, that counts more than 30 million of pieces sold, in eight exclusive colours that are natural and hypo-allergenic, eight different ways to exalt the eyes by giving them a magic and luminous charm.



Butyrum, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Cera Alba, Cera Carnauba, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Borneol, Lanolin, Mica, CI 77288, CI 77891, CI 77510, CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 77492, CI 75470, CI 77947, CI 77268 : 1.

- Natural and hypoallergenic;
- Nickel tested;
- With organic coconut oil.

Kajal ayurvedici Khojati Himalaya
8 fantastic colours!

Black, Blue, Brown, Wisteria, Agate, Green, Gold and Copper.

Kajal Khojati Himalaya






Dentifrici ayurvedici Khojati Meswak, Neem, Chiodi di Garofano

Created According to the principles of ayurvedic medicines these toothpastes are realized with the same herbs cited in old Indian texts. Past science them meets the one in the present, for an original and effective product, capable of helping the health of teeth and gums, giving a fresh and perfumed breath.


Meswak Root Herbal Dental Gel (with Black Cumin):

It gives a brilliant smile and perfectly clean teeth. Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) guarantees a perfect oral hygiene and Meswak Root (Salvadora Persica) has always been famous for its nature of “Natural Dentist”. It helps in the fight against plaque, it’s gentle on gums and helps in preventing their reddening.

Neem Herbal Dental Gel:

it gives a brilliant smile with perfectly clean teeth.

Neem essential oil is rich in limonoid, it ensures the health of the mouth and helps preventing gums reddening giving freshness to the mouth.

Cloves Herbal Dental Gel:

it gives a brilliant smile with perfectly clean teeth.

Natural eugenol, contained in cloves essential oil coming from Zanzibar, helps remove tobacco stains and gives a pleasant freshness sensation and helps preventing gums reddening.

Dentifrici ayurvedici Khojati espositore



A bamboo toothbrush is the ecological alternative to normal plastic toothbrushes. It’s  vegan, biodegradable and eco-friengly.

Bamboo’s wood is very hard but at the same time light and exceptionally sturdy. Completely sustainable, it’s easily renewable: it regenerates quickly, it’s the plant with the highest existing grow rate and doesn’t need replanting.

It also has natural antibacterial properties.

The bristles are made in BPA free nylon, they cleanse deeply but gently, without irritating the gums.


100% vegan


96% biodegradable