Mineral Line’s furnishing accessories are real wellness tools.

The harmonic shapes and the warm light that they release create a magic and relaxing atmosphere, transforming the simple gesture of turning on the light into a beneficial act.
The line has been enriched this year by the addition of the products Himalayan Chef: irreplaceable allies in the kitchen!


These wonderful lamps, offered by Himalaya to their customers more dedicated to their wellness, are produced with unique himalayan pink salt blocks: a true natural miracle that is 250 million years old. Thanks to the properties of this wonderful material, not only they diffuse light in the environment, but they contribute to its natural purification, making the atmosphere of the room healthier: the warmth created by the lamp, put in the middle of the salt block, favourites the release of purifying negative ions, making the room’s energy more stable, harmonic and light. Moreover their look, antique and fascinating, makes this lamp a wonderful furnishing accessory.

Lampade di sale

The unique wellness of the lamp is available as well, in special formats.

The brazier with its antique charm, the practical lamp with USB cable (in two version White with multicoloured LED, and classic), the candle holder, the obelisk and the heart of salt (a soap scrub).

The Lantern, the Bottle, the luminous Sphere, the Night Lamp and the Bamboo Lamp complete the exclusive line, new items that unite modern and harmonic lines with the antique charm of pink salt.

Braciere di sale
Lampade USB di sale
Sfera luminosa di sale
Portalumino di sale
Bottiglia luminosa di sale
Laterna di sale
Obelisco di sale
Cuore di sale (sapone scrub)
Luce Notturna di Sale Rosa dell'Himalaya
Lampada Bambù e Sale Rosa dell'Himalaya


Selenite is the stone of tranquility.

It is a lime-crystal and its name derives from the Greek “Selenites”, literally “Moonstone”, from the name of the greek Moon goddess Selene, due to its reflections that remember the moon ones. Since it is strictly tied to the seventh chakra it is used for meditation.

This splendid lamps assure a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

The light inside creates magic transparencies and, thanks to the properties of this precious element, they are able to enrich and purify any kind of environment.

Lampade di selenite

FOOD GRADE SALT - Himalayan Chef

Toxins and polluting substances free, pink salt is called “pink gold”.

The color is partly due to the high quantity of iron ( together with other 80 minerals, that are not found in traditional salt) and to the fact that it does not undergo any whitening treatment.

Himalaya offers it to its italian customers: uncontaminated, with the same purity as when it was deposited in the soil millions of years ago, it is able to reliably transmit the energy that is then absorbed in the human body.

Extracted from underground deposits:

Not chemically treated.

It does not contain polluting substances.

Sale alimentare Himalaya

Himalaya exclusively offers the Himalayan Chef line : the perfect union of the proprieties of pink salt and the aesthetic beauty of the practical glass containers.

Macinino sale alimentare Himalaya
Sale alimentare Himalaya
Sale alimentare Himalaya
Sale alimentare Himalaya
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