Dear Miss/Mister,

We would like to inform you that A. Distribution, owner of this website, treats the personal data of clients, suppliers and other that willingly communicates their personal data, according to the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency and protection of your privacy and rights.




Proprietor of the handling is the company A. Distribution, VAT: GB251026840, Address Suite B, 29 Harley Street, W1G 9QR - London.





Data will be processed for the following aims:

  • To contact you through the given references and fulfil possible requests contained in the message that was sent through the contact form available on the website.

  • Commercial aim, marketing and marketing research and the delivery of informative or advertising material tied to our company.

  • Statistic evaluation of website access.





You are not obliged to give the personal data requested in the contact form  to the provider of this website.

The conferral of datas through the form is necessary to allow the provider of the website to contact you or respond to your possible requests.





Data are going to be treated with electronic, manual, computerized and telematic tools with logics strictly tied to the purposes mentioned above they will be memorized on computerized supports as well as paper ones, on also every other kind of  suitable support, under the terms of the minimal security measures of the Technical Regulations in regards. Willingly provided personal data, if useful or necessary to the usage of the services or to the fulfilling of our roles, are going to be stored until the user will request for them to be deleted.





It is possible to exercise the aforementioned rights through written request in the form of a registered letter addressed to A. Distribution, Address Suite B, 29 Harley Street, W1G 9QR - London or through an email to





A. Distribution will not be responsible for the treatment of personal data performed by those to whom the data have been communicated. A. Distribution informs that each data that is different from what has been requested in order to complete your activity or that does not fit in the category of “personal data”, even if willingly provided by those concerned, will not be treated and it will be immediately deleted without the need of any notification.




The treatment will not last more than what is necessary to fulfill the purposes of the collection of those data.





Computer systems and softwares procedures that are involved with the functioning of this website acquire, during their normal processing, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.

This involves information that are not gathered to be associated with specific individuals, but that thanks to their own nature could, through elaborations and associations with third party gathered data, allow to identify the user.

In this category of data includes, IP addresses or the names of the domain of the computer used by the user that visit the website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimension of the file received in response, the numerical code identifying the state of the answer given by the server (successful, error, etc…) and other parameters related to the operative system and the computer environment of the user.

These data are used only to acquire statistic information on the use of the website and to check its correct functioning.

Data could be used to ensure any kind of responsibilities in the case of a hypothetical crime against the website or against a third party and they can be shown to  Judicial Authorities, in case the former would request it.






Notice for European user: the following privacy policy is fulfills the obligations required by the Art. 10 of Directive n. 95/46/CE, other than the ones required by the Directive 2002/58/CE, as reviewed by the Directive 2009/136/CE, regarding Cookies.





Cookies are little lines of text exchanged in between a website and the user’s browser, every time the user access a website.

They are used to carry out automatic authentications, keep track of the sessions, to store informations in order to improve the navigability of the website and the browsing experience of the user.

Every browser that was accessed through a website can apply one or more cookies.

A web page can contain objects that belong to different domains and each one of them can apply Cookies ( in this case called “third-party). The use of cookies improves the browsing experience and it can maintain the chosen setting in the following visit. 

There are two types of cookies:

  • first party cookies: they are subjects and readable only by the domains that created them;

  • third party cookies: they are subjects and created by domains that are external from the one that one is browsing.






These Cookies are necessary for the correct working of the site ( for example to remember the state of the buttons, if the panels are closed or open). the majority of these cookies last only as much as the browsing session, thus they will be immediately deleted once the site is closed.



These cookies are needed for the working of some part of the website.

in this website, their functionality is related to the tracking of the reading of the banner on the homepage about the cookies policy.

These cookies are stored internally in the browser; it is possible to delete them or to disable their creation, compromising this way the way some parts of the website work.

The user can modify the setting on the creation of cookie by modifying the settings of the storing of the former, as described in the in the part “How to disable cookies” of this disclosure.



Google Analytics is a free tool of Google for web analysis that mainly allows to anonymously gather informations ( such as data related to the web pages that have been accessed, the time spent on the website, the way the website has been discovered and all that the user has clicked on while browsing through our pages) and to indicate the trends on the website without identifying each user.

It is possible to read Google’s privacy directives in the following link:

The user can modify the settings about the receptions of cookie by changing the storing settings of the former as described in the in the in the part “How to disable cookies” of this disclosure.


Google Maps

It is possible that third party Widgets, like Google Maps, are incorporated in this website. Those Widget may apply third party cookies, on computer or on mobile device, in order to improve their functionality.

The purpose of those cookies is described in the privacy disclosure of the owners:



Third party Widget, like Facebook, may be incorporated in this website.

Those Widget may apply third party cookies, on computer or on mobile device, in order to improve their functionality.

The purpose of those cookies is described in the privacy disclosure of the owners:




The majority of browsers ( Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) are configured to accept cookies. However, all browsers allow you to control and disable cookies through your browser settings.

Disabling browsing cookies could cause the malfunctioning of the website and/or limit the offered service.

For more information on how to manage and delete the cookies on tablet and/or mobile phone you can check the section “Help” of the used browser.

To manage third party cookies that use the user’s information to generate specific actions, it is possible to manage the way Google uses them by accessing the page “ Ads Settings” (if you have a Google Account).

As an Alternative, it is possible to disable the use of third party cookies, for example, by accessing the disabling page through the website, or, as described above, by disabling cookies through the setting on your own browser.





Related to the purposes mentioned above, your personal data will be communicated, if necessary, to all those people physical and/or juridical, public and/or private when it will be necessary or functional to the performance of our activities, in the ways and for the aims above mentioned. If the communication abroad is necessary, it will only be possible after your authorization. Personal data is not subject to diffusion.