Bursela Graveolens, known as Palo Santo, is a tree with extraordinary properties.

Himalaya has introduced a line that’s entirely dedicated to this amazing plant: a natural incense with an unmistakable perfume!


Legno di Palo Santo Sanctus

Bursela Graveolens, commonly known as Palo Santo, is a tree native to Central and South America. Its name derives from a peculiarity tied to its blooming, that happens on Christmas Day.

Palo Santo is usually offered as an aromatic wooden stick.  

To release its properties is enough to burn one of its extremities until there is some ash and the characteristic perfumed smoke.

Availables references:

- Palo Santo Wood 5 pcs;

- Palo Santo Cones 6 pcs;

- Palo Santo Chips 50 g;

- Palo Santo Sticks 7 pcs.

Coni di Palo Santo Sanctus
Sticks incensi di Palo Santo Sanctus
Chips di Palo Santo Sanctus
Espositore linea Palo Santo Sanctus

The line is offered in a practical displayer composed of 6 pieces of each of the 4 available references.